Sylvie’s Recipes

Our heroine, Sylvie Bessette, learned to cook at her mother’s side, and all of her cooking, bar the exotic Moroccan Chicken Tagine she famously prepares for Erik, represents simple home cooking. Her mother’s recipes are the ones she relies on for the patients at St. Giles, especially soups and comforting stews like the ones her mother would prepare for her husband’s convalescing patients.
She jumps at the chance to cook for Erik because it gives her a chance to try different things.

Erik comes to enjoy Sylvie’s cooking so much, he is willing to put up with a great deal from the “Shrew”,
as he calls her, rather than give it up.

I have provided modernised recipes for most of the dishes Sylvie prepares in ‘Disfigured’. It was fun researching these dishes, and as I like to cook, a pleasure to try them out at home. Now you can, too. Enjoy!

Watch for more recipes to come