Just Added a New Recipe to the Collection – Check it out!

Greetings!  With autumn on it’s way and the promise of cooler weather, I decided to post an additional recipe to my collection.  As readers of ‘Disfigured‘ know, these are the recipes that are mentioned in the book.  Sylvie, my heroine, is a cook, and in the 1870s, seasonal cooking was all normal cooking.  Gone would be the summer fruits, tomatoes and lettuces, in would come mushrooms, celeriac, chestnuts, figs, and game.

The new recipe is for a Fresh Fig Tart.  Figs come into their own in the fall, and are much appreciated by home cooks in France.  Tarts like these are delicious and fun to make, so I hope you will give it a try.

In the book, this recipe happens to be one that Sylvie makes for St. Giles Hospital, along with a number of other autumnal dishes.  I don’t think she ended up bringing any to Erik, because I suspect the patients at the hospital (and Dr. Gaudet) ate them all.

Enjoy!  And if you try it, do let me know how you liked it.